Paths of Gaeda

Session 45

Military Intelligence

A short session, this. The party interrogates a couple of survivors from the raiding party and learns that Ingo is gathering the Orc, Troll, and Ogre chiefs to form some kind of alliance. He will raise an army and march south in the winter to crush the realms of men.

Zarunal and Andros teleport back to Akandra in New Delos to deliver word of this to House Martillo. There is word of a siege around castle Chatapiet in the north as Jeannette Fouret and Lane Russo settle some squabble. Zarunal also visits his master Galen, but neither is in the mood to dicker and the meeting is brief.

While they are gone, Iolar orders the expedition moved north to the village around Tor Naether, reasoning that the evil hordes will steer clear of the haunted place. The captain of the mercenaries reluctantly agrees, preferring to take his chances with ghosts than with Giants and Orcs. Liath arranges a diversion – a ruse involving the supply wagon to make it appear that the expedition has fled south once more. While setting this up, he realizes that he’s not alone in the forest, and makes contact with storm elf vagabond Indrid Cold, who happens to be in the area.

Indrid has a small troop of elves with him – refugees from the fallen Storm Elf kingdom. He has been keeping tabs on the ruins of the old kingdom, and now he seeks out Iolar and offers his services and what actionable intelligence he can offer. He knows something of the ways in and out of Tor Indradath, having grown up there. He also knows something of the troop strength and disposition of the Ingo’s forces around the old citadel.

There is much discussion on what should happen next, and how the party might play off the alliances and antagonisms of the region. It becomes clear that Ingo holds the blade Luhgrist while the dragon Old Greyfang holds the sword Dagnorosa, possibly using them as insurance against one another. Mio would happily slay Greyfang, but Iolar sees that Indrid might welcome a chance to repair the old alliances and wonders if the dragon can be reasoned with. There is talk of simply bypassing the current dilemma and pressing on into the mountains towards the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. What to do next?

It is finally resolved that the party will attempt a covert entrance into Tor Indradath. Their aim is to either steal the black blade Luhgrist or kill Ingo, possibly both. They hope that without Ingo’s influence, the local tribes and clans will once more fall to bickering and fighting amongst themselves. If this caper is successful, they will approach Greyfang and attempt to parley, though they will not shy away from killing the Wyrm if necessary. Then, they will press on towards the Lost Caverns.

As a final note, when the party had safely moved the expedition to Tor Naether, they discovered evidence that a certain bespectacled man had been there, and some kind of struggle had taken place in the hall. The corpse of Rhadec Malygris had vanished, along with all of his treasures.



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