Paths of Gaeda

Session 44

Marauder Cavalry

Zarunal realizes that the book he has taken from the Corpse of Malygris is a manual detailing the dead wizard’s attempts at Lichedom. The book is altogether evil. Also, within a day of taking Malygris’ artifacts, Zarunal realizes he’s placed himself under a profound curse. Not wishing to tempt fate further, he returns the items he took without further investigation.

Zarunal teleports back to the camp at Tor Embric with Andros to discover that a raid has taken place – the expedition has been attacked by a band of mounted Orc Boar-riders and Goblin Wolf-riders, several members of the expedition have been killed, and a wagonload of food stolen.

The party tracks down the raiders, who are on their way towards Tor Indradath. Liath prepares an ambush, and a confused battle ensues. The supplies are recaptured, and almost all of the raiders are put to death. The party realizes that they are very close to Tor Indradath now, and that the raiders were headed back that way. The orc chieftan bears correspondence meant for the giantess who was slain at Tor Embric. Ingo, the leader of the Frost Giants, is in the middle of some large enterprise at Tor Indradath, something which can’t be good.



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