Paths of Gaeda

Session 43

Shadow Dance

Mako immediately begins harassing the party – making attacks from the darkness and taunting the others. Confusion reigns. Mio has failed one too many will saves and her mind breaks – something in the tower has gotten to her. She is either lashing out or else retreating into a new personality – the naive and childlike Mimi. Avron and Liath begin investigating the rooms off of the main hall while Iolar desperately tries to gather the components necessary to complete the riddle of the tower. In one room, illusory appearances force Liath and Avron into a confrontation with one another, and Avron suffers serious wounds. They also find a room containing what appears to be a bottomless pit.

Eventually, the party reunites against Mako. As the party attacks him, he is released from possession – Iolar realizes that they have been dealing with a Shadow Demon. They party attempts to engage the thing. They search among the tower and wander through impossible rooms that don’t connect to one another in any sane way. Eventually, they collect the items needed to solve the tower’s riddle. Just at that moment the Shadow Demon attacks.

It is a quick fight, but the party is weakened and drained of resources from fighting one another and dealing with the night’s confusion. With some difficulty they put down the shadow. The riddle of the tower is solved, opening a hidden passage to a secret room. The room contains a set of golden plates which speak of the creation of the world, the quest of Rhadec Malygris for the Rod of Earth and Fire, and the murder of the Shadow King. They also uncover a dark gem which bears the true name of the Shadow Demon, which was apparently in service is Malygris.

The storm over the tower breaks, and the party leaves the corpse of Malygris in his tower – although Zarunal tempts fate by removing his book and staff.



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