Paths of Gaeda

Session 42

Tor Naether

The party heads north once more amidst increasingly bad weather. THey chance upon the ogre chef who was lately evicted from Tor Embric, but Mako dispatches him quickly rather than bother with an interrogation.

Moving on, the party reaches the outskirts of Tor Naether, replete with totems of warning meant for the goblins, orcs, trolls, and other local inhabitants. The message is clear: “Stay away.” Since the storm severity is only increasing, the party enters the forbidding dark tower at the center of Tor Naether.

There many unusual things occur – strange sounds and smells, and strange behavior among the companions. Avron seems possessed by occasional murderous fits, Mako is behaving extremely suspiciously, and there are strange and dangerous objects scattered about. The corpse of Rhadec Malygris sits in an ebon throne, watching over the great hall. Is he really dead, or undead? Mio and Zarunal are exposed to a cracked crystal ball, and it’s influence seems to drive Mio insane.

Meanwhile, Iolar has discovered a complex set of cyphers and tangled riddle at the heart of the tower, but can he solve it in time? Fighting has broken out among the companions, with blows struck and spells cast. As Mako skulks away by himself for a moment, he hears a voice whisper in his ear: “That wizard is annoying, isn’t he? Let’s go kill him!”



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