Paths of Gaeda

Session 41

Research & Development

The party spends a week recuperating at Tor Embric, as the main group of the expedition is brought up to occupy the site and make a new base camp there. During the days there, Zarunal and Mio spend some time examining the Embric Spellbook, which proves to be a dangerous occupation. Ultimately, its secrets are all revealed, although at the cost of setting off a symbol of blindness which proves troublesome for a time.

Zarunal also spends time researching some new magic, and Halverd the cleric works on improving the company’s arms and armor. Andors the cavalier trains the party’s horses as well, in order to make them more useful in combat.

Some excitement is had when the party discovers that one of the porters is missing. When the Embric spellbook also goes missing, a search ensues. Liath catches up to the fellow first, only to discover that he has become a zombie and is dragging the book off to a clearing with a well preserved and unique memorial of some kind. Mako recognizes it as a meeting place that he has been to before. There is evidence of a recent teleport spell, and clues that point to the presence of the bespectacled necromancer that the party last encountered during the Night of the Bloody Eye at Castle Chatapiet. Is he somehow following them?



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