Paths of Gaeda

Session 40

Tor Embirc

Mako returns to the party, but Liath does not – he is overdue from his scouting mission. The Mercenary Captain, concerned over the number of his men who have been killed, dispatches his lieutenant Andros the Cavalier to attempt to aid the party and see what exactly is going on.

Mako scouts out the ruins of Tor Embric and realizes that Liath has been captured and is being tortured. The party quickly mounts a rescue mission, and a huge fight breaks out. There are two giants in residence, several orcs, and a pair of dire wolves, along with many goblin slaves (who do not actually fight). Iolar orchestrates a massive illusion to cause confusion and fear, while the others ride directly into the fight. The Giantess is some kind of spellcaster, and she uses both magic and might while organizing her minions to pin down the party in the middle of the ruined hall. Andros kills many orcs and wounds one of the giants, before being unhorsed and thrown into a collapsed room (where Zarunal accidentally drops a bookcase on him). Mio (enlarged by Zarunal) eventually delivers the death blow to one giant and helps take down the Giantess as she desperately tries to escape.

Several treasures are found in the hall, and Mio finds some evidence of her former family, as well as personal memento: an old porcelain doll that she remembers having as a child.

Exhausted from their busy schedule, the party decides to secure the ruins for the expedition and rest for some time.

Among the treasures recovered from the ruin was the Embric Spellbook.



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