Paths of Gaeda

Session 39

Wild Hunt

North of the Swamp, the party is very close to the ruins of Tor Embric. There have been signs of activity about and the sound of signal horns in the distance. Scouts are dispatched to find out what’s going on, but one of them is spotted and chased by a Giant hunting party: A giant, some Ogres, and a pack of Dire Wolves. Liath and the scouts lead the hunters away from the expedition while the party moves to support him.

Mako bows out momentarily, while one of the expedition’s Kashwa guides, Raze the Barbarian, takes his place.

The result is a confused meeting engagement. The Scouts are nearly done in by the wolves, and the heroes arrive just as the giant and ogres are coming on the scene as well. One ogre falls at range to Liath’s bow, and Raze takes on the other one after being magically enlarged by Zarunal. Halved the cleric manages to hold the Hill Giant temporarily while Zarunal zaps it with a Lightning Bolt, but not before yet ANOTHER mercenary who was standing too close to the action gets pounded into mulch by the giant.

Eventually the foes are defeated, but the party is still too close to the Tor, and Liath is sent ahead to scout himself. He arrives at the ruins of Tor Embric, but is seen by a Giantess, who casts some sort of spell on him.

In the aftermath of the battle, the party decides that the Mercenary mortality rate is getting too high, and from now on the Mercenaries will be relegated solely to guarding the expeditionary camp.



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