Paths of Gaeda

Session 37

Lake of Woe

After several more days of scouting up the river, the party reaches the southern shores of the Lake of Woe, which is dominated by the crumbling remains of a huge Dam which once held back an even larger lake. The scouts find signs of Orcs and Trolls about, so the party decides to leave the bulk of the expedition camped away to the south while they investigate the lake personally.

Moving around the eastern short of the lake, they find the remains of an old road. Liath and Mako encounter a party of scouting orcs, which they dispatch. However, in doing so they accidentally alert a nearby encampment of Orcs, trolls, and Ogres – a sizable force! The party decides to lay an ambush while the forces of evil close in. Most of the heroes are spread out around the road, but Ishma is left exposed in the middle of the field of battle, to draw in the enemy.

The battle is long and intense. Many orcs are slain, but the presence of a troll, several orc berzerkers, an orc chieftain, an ogre, and an ogre chieftain, all make for a huge challenge. The party have found “Yark’s Boys” mentioned by the trolls they slew in the previous session.

All of the party contributes, trying to do damage at range before the tide of enemies overwhelms them. However, Ishma gets the brunt of it, having to face off two orc berzerkers, a handful of orc mooks, and Yark the Ogre Chief himself. She acquits herself well, inflicting many wounds on all her opponents. Still, she is cut off from her comrades, and eventually a well placd blow by Yark lays her low. Ishma perishes that her comrades might live.

Zarunal goes mad with rage, and unleashes the lightning bolt that he had been saving (which does close to maximum damage). Yark, already badly wounded by Ishma, succumbs, as do all of the others she was fighting. With their chief dead, the others flee, but they are eventually run down by the party and none of the enemy escape.

Ishma is avenged, and she shall be buried on the shores of the Lake of Woe.



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