Paths of Gaeda

Session 34

Night of the Bloody Eye

Chaos in the great hall of castle Chatapiet as Remy’s men, dressed in Black, and Frohman’s men, dressed in White, begin a gruesome battle, with all of the guests in danger of getting hurt in the middle. Lady Jeanette Fouret seems rather oblivious and distracted amidst all of this. Iolar attempts to find a way to get the party out of the hall, but Liath stops to lend aid to the wife and daughter of the New Delos Regency Steward, as they are innocent guests amid the slaughter. There is danger on all sides.

Out in the barracks, Avron manages to barely keep himself from dying, and seeks some way to get into the castle to warn the others. The town guard batters valiantly at the doors, but their task is hopeless. Avron, retching up his guts, is taken to the nearest inn where the Innkeep pours a potion down his throat to make him feel somewhat better. She insists that they go back to the barracks to see what can be done for the others, however it is too late when they arrive – the soldiers and henchmen are all dead. Yet, during the examinations, they stir: the dead begin to rise as Zombies! The innkeeper begs for Avron to protect her, but he instead flees, and leaves her behind to be killed. Eventually, he is able to scale a wall to get inside the castle, but not before noting that the Zombie horde is marching around the back of the castle to some unknown destination.

Inside, there is chaos as the two factions clash, with the Party and a number of frightened civilians caught in the middle. Lane Frohman proves especially dangerous, despite his lack of weapons or armor. Iolar tries shouting at Jeanette, who does not seem to hear him. Frantically, Zarunal attempts to remove one of the leaders of the Fracas: he directs a lightning bolt at Remy, killing him outright and partially singing Jeanette.

This rouses Jeanette from her torpor and proves dangerous for Zarunal – for once in action it becomes obvious that she is a vampire. She attempts to chase Zarunal, who uses his wand to Diension Door himself outside the castle.

Ishma trades blows with Lane Frohman. He seems rather taken with her, but she rejects his advances with an axe to the chest and he falls unconscious. Iolar uses the cover of the melee to sneak into a chamber within the castle’s main tower – he hears disturbance somewhere in the masonry, and suspects the location of a secret door. Meanwhile, Avron arrives and joins in the fray.

A warning gong sounds in the castle, and Jeanette immediately removes herself from the great hall, alerted to something. The Party sees to the safety of the civilians, locking them in a bedroom, and then proceed to the secret door that Iolar has found. The passage leads deep into the crypts of the castle, where they find a chamber containing some interesting sarcophagi and some kind of shrine. The place is filled with zombies (the zombie horde from the barracks) and they are trying to bring down or otherwise delay Jeanette.

Iolar decides to side (at least temporarily) with Jeanette, and theparty attacks the Zombies. They see that this is indeed another distraction: the Bespectacled man from Session 32 is attempting to steal something – what might be a vial of blood – from a ceremonial cabinet. Liath and Avron stop him from taking the item, but he uses a teleport scroll to get away.

Jeanette thanks the party by ending the hostilities in her hall and having all the hostages removed to safety. Soldiers arrive with a warrant for the arrest of Lane Frohman. Ishma goes to show them his body, but Lane has disappeared – perhaps he survived?

Also, the Prelate from the Temple at Lyssa’s Port is dead, found among the zombie horde. However, Savren and Sarah Jane are nowhere to be found.



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