Paths of Gaeda

Session 28

The Laughing Flood

After the battle with the Mephits, Liath recognizes the statue over the fountain as being an eidolon of Sri Syadaasti, the Laughing Flood, and the patron water-spirit of his home temple in Undra. He cajoles the party into cleaning out the pool and the fountain, eventually restoring it to a pristine condition.

The statue then comes to life and Sri Syadaasti offers his thanks to Liath. He implies that Liaths wanderings have brought him to this place just for this purpose, and he offers Liath the chance to return home. Liath decides not to take him up on his offer, however. Sti Syadaasti tells Liath that he is now doomed to wander, and will not return home until he has walked beyond the horizon and danced with a demon on the Spindle of the World.

Sri Syadaasti’s presence allows the party to take rest, but he soon departs. Afterward, the party continues following the path until it descends into a gloomy cave that is crawling with Vegepygmies. In the center of the cave is a magic candle with markings similar to those on the bell, so the heroes do battle in an attempt to secure it. Savren and Iolar are exposed to Russet Mold in the process, and are gravely poisoned. They return to the fountain victorious, but much the worse for wear.



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