Paths of Gaeda

Session 19

Battle Royale

During this very focused episode, the party was surrounded and attacked by skeletons in a dark, partially flooded, mist-filled hall – apparently the entrance to some kind of temple complex. After hearing a sinister voice shout “Kill Them, Now!”, Skeletal creatures shambled out of the dark to attack the heroes. Victor immediately jumped up on the wall and disappeared into the darkness, using the distraction of the battle as cover while he worked his way around the roof of the hall to try to find the enemy leader.

Meanwhile, in the thick of the fight, several skeletons jumped on Karnack and held his head below the water, trying to drown him, while others shambled about trying to injure the party, Savren channeled energy into turning the skeletons, with partial success, allowing Karnack to get free. A spell was thrown at Karnack, however, filling him with fear and causing him to flee the battle temporarily. The skeletons then worked together to drag Savren down a well in the middle of the floor, nearly killing the cleric.

By this time, Victor had stumbled upon an evil cleric hiding at the back of the temple, the source of the party’s woes. At Iolar’s order, Victor attempted to kill him, but a sanctuary spell prevented him from doing so. The evil cleric fled the hall through a hidden stone door which was then barred so that the party could not pursue him. By this time, Karnack had returned and the skeletons were all dispatched.

The party quickly located another hidden door and plunged into a maze of dark passages behind the temple complex. There were several disused rooms and numerous alarm traps, but ultimately the party discovered an incongruously well-appointed set of chambers that were obviously in recent use. The cleric’s lair had been discovered.



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