Paths of Gaeda

Session 05

CSI: Pathfinder

On the morning of the September 15th, the Party is still weakened from their encounter of the previous evening. Liath is suffering greatly form the centipede poison, and Karnack is very weak from blood loss. They decide to allow their injured companions a day of complete bed rest, and while Savren tends to the wounded the others forage for provisions.

On the 16th, they proceed to the tower, arriving mid-morning. Noticing that the earthen mounds around the tower have been disturbed, Zarunal decides to dig one up, and uncovers the mutilated remains of a human – possibly the mssing blacksmith’s apprentice from Adricsdorf. After taking the time to give the young man a proper burial, the party descends into the ruined tower’s basement.

In the darkness below, the party encounters swarms of rats which bit and claw at everyone. While dealing with this menace, Iolar is surprised from behind by a Ghoul which has snuck up from a lower room. After dispatching it, the party follows it’s wet footprints back to a waterlogged crypt room infested with more ghouls. Despite being successfully ambused by them, the party fights off the undead and clears the room of them.

A thorough search ensues. Although there is no obvious hoard of treasure here, numerous alchemical and geological items of value are discovered, along with some items of a magical nature. There is also evidence that other explorers have been here, possibly to study the necromantic spells which appear to be carved onto the walls. Zarunal catalogs the items discovered and does his best to transcribe the spells. In the meantime, Iolar investigates a flooded chamber which appears to contain the remains of a gnomish clockwork device.

More investigation above ground reveals more bodies, mostly of animals, but some of humans. The remains of a couple of Kashwa warriors are discovered, along with a pair of corpses which look like they have been stolen from a graveyard. The group surmises that someone has come here to study the carvings in the basement after placating the ghouls with rotting corpses. The group finds evidence of a trail possibly left by these unknown interlopers and decides to follow it to the north.

Thge next several days are spent in a combination of rest and scouting as the group continues their mapmaking duties and follows the trail to the north. Several of the party have contracted Filth Fever following their encounter with the rats, but only Zarunal suffers greatly from it. Liath finds that not far to the west, the woods thin and give way to rolling grassy hills. To the north, the trail that they are following eventually leads to the Kohnnash river. The party finds a boat that has been left nearby and uses it to make a crossing. After some wandering about, they realize that they are near the town of Oakhaven. About mid-day on September 20th they enter Oakhaven and stop at the town’s only inn, the Broken Wheel. The proiprietor tells Iolar that a message has been left for a group matching their description: Colwyn Gruun, the son of Lord Gruun of Adricsdorf, is looking for them and wishes them to meet him at Lord Gruun’s hunting lodge near Oak falls before they return to Adricsdorf again. The party also encounters Elsbeth, the daughter of the local Lord Garret.




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