Paths of Gaeda

Session 04

A Bloody Errand Fulfilled

Darkness falls on the evening of September 13th, and the heroes think better of sneaking into a ruined tower in the dead of night, especially considering the strange lights Iolar has seen. Liath finds a perfect campsite not too far from the lake, and sets a simple tripwire alarm as the group settles in for what promises to be an uneasy night.

Towards the end of second watch, Zarunal, Liath, and Karnack all become aware of new sounds nearby: voices and the sound of people moving. When they investigate, the sounds retreat, trying to draw them to the north and away from the tower. Zarunal senses some new kind of trick, however, and successfully determines that the noises are illusory. The group continues to ignore the sounds and passes the rest of the night in relative peace.

By midday on the 14th, the party is approaching the tower. Unsure of what they face, they unladen their ponies and sequester them at a distance. They also stop to eat, so that is is almost mid-afternoon by the time they reach the ruined structure. The crumbling stone edifice is half-collapsed, and surrounded by strange mounds of earth. There are rats infesting the place as well, but the party does not attempt to disturb them overmuch. Zarunal attempts to climb what remains of the stairs, although he twice meets with mishap as part of the structure crumbles away beneath his weight. He is saved from a fall both times by judicious use of his magic. At the top of the tower he discovers a battered Iron Lantern which radiates magic in addition to light.

After some debate and discussion, the party determines that the lantern contains a Lantern Archon, which they release. It tells them that the lamp was once a prison for the mischievous and troublesome spirit which is haunting the woods, and that the Archon became trapped when it attempted to interfere with the prison. The Archon charges them with with the task of using the lamp to once more recapture and then destroy the spirit, but it will not be easy: the creature must be captured as it feeds, and it feeds on the emotional fears of the dying. After giving a vague warning to the party about the presence of undead beneath the tower, the Archon vanishes.

There is another discussion, and Karnack volunteers to be the bait: he will be bled near to death in order to draw in the spirit. His comrades gathered around him, he is brought to death’s door by Savren. As he slips into unconsciousness, the malevolent spirit arrives – but in its wake are more of the Giant Centipedes which infest these woods. The party is beset from both sides and they struggle to defend both themselves and Karnack’s dying body. At the same time Savren must use his magic to locate the spirit before it can draw Karnack irrevocably beyond aid.

Liath and Iolar are poisoned by the vermin, and the fighting is fierce. The last of Karnack’s life quickly begins to slip away, but the spirit begins to glow evilly as he almost succumbs to death. Savren leaps into action, and opens the lamp, trapping the spirit while Iolar quickly revives Karnack. The centipedes are finally dispatched, and after a brief but intense struggle the spirit enters the lamp, which then destroys itself along with the evil inside. The party are shaken and battered, but when the day dawns on the 15th, they will be ready to face new challenges.




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